Whether it’s a brand new website design or an existing website restructuring process, requirement analysis is a critical first step. It implies to website designer, web consultant or a business owner. Instead of running directly to any creative web design agency or your in-house team of web designers and start designing process immediately, a brief discussion and requirement analysis is evident.

If you are going for a website redesigning it is very important that you do some research, take user feedback, analyse google analytics for user behavior note down different findings, it will help you with a search engine optimization friendly web design. If it’s a new website, then it is important that aim of website, target market and theme of the website is well defined. Competitor websites should be analysed and findings should be categorized and then a requirement sheet should be prepared.

Poor planning costs time, money and efforts at later stage. Website design agencies should always have initial set of design questionnaire, when discussing a new website with a client.


Clear defined picture

Reduction in Iterations

Less Future Trouble

On time Delivery

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