Quality assurance is an important step in the website development process and, by all means, should not be skipped. A broken link or a misspelled word may seem like trivial mistakes, but they can greatly undermine the credibility of your website. You want people who visit your site to feel confident about the quality of the information they find.

Creating an engaging, informative and visually appealing website takes a lot of time and effort, and the work you invest in a website can quickly be undone by bugs. It is easy to overlook small mistakes in the code. Without proper quality assurance and software testing, finding problems in the website often falls inadvertently on the customer or consumer.

From our perspective, quality assurance is a subset of the overall usability goal—after all, a website isn’t usable if it isn’t working.. Proper testing will prevent many problems and ensure the work we put in shines through. It ensures customer satisfaction as well. We do not publish the code until we test all the possible scenarios working successfully.

What we check


Graphics and layout

Browser compatibility

Various Functionality

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