Online SMS Sending Web Application: Modern SMS Sender is custom developed web application to broadcast price of besan to registered users. Whenever besan prices gets changed , It helps Besan Mill to communicate price difference to their customers so that they can order besan based on latest prices. Moreover, It helps to send important notifications & wishes to customers as well.

Made With:

Informative Dashboard

Dashboard with full system statistics, only numbers that matters most.

Sending Daily Price Updates

Send Price of current products to customers to make them aware about current rates of products. It provides the selection of specific product group & specific groups of customers to whom the SMS to be sent.

Update in product rates

Easy one click update of product rates of same product group. It removes the tedious efforts of updating all product rates one by one.

Group-wise SMS broadcasts

Facility to send broadcast SMS to the groups, such as major rate differences, special offers, new product, availability issues etc. is provided here. Such messages helps company to maintain healthy & informative communications.

Feature Summery

Rich in features - Less in clutter.

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