Document Management System (or DMS), one of our best performing product, provides solution for custom cloud storage. A place where you can store all your important documents, images, receipts, etc. without any worries. It also provides an option to add multiple users and grant certain directory access to them users.

Made With:

Supports all type of files

With our DMS Application, user can upload any type of and any number of files to the cloud. While uploading, user can also feed the attributes for the document itself - such as Document No., Entry Date, Applied Tax, Document Type, etc., which makes it easier to search for uploaded document.

Download File Backups

Our document management system provides an option to download data backup at any point of time - that also with flexibility to download files uploaded between two dates. i.e. users can download all their files uploaded inbetween 23rd March to 9th April!

User Creation and Access Authentication

Multiple users can be added to the system by Admin. While creating new user, admin can select directories for which that user can have access. This way our system provides a single and secure way to share confidential documents.

Store into a database instead of file!

For the Excel Sheets, you get an advance option to upload your data directly to our database instead of uploading an Excel file. Woila! This data is now directly accessible on DMS itself.

Feature Summery

Rich in features - Less in clutter, One place storage for all type of files/documents

  • Centralizing Force with the cloud storage in place of distributed local storage.
  • Available on Web and can be used on any device, making it highely accessible.
  • Role based access for directories.
  • Folder wise document upload.
  • Nearly all file types supported.
  • Configurable document categories.
  • Download backup options for selected dates.
  • Control over document security and access.
  • Search with various criteria in all folders.
  • Option to store data into database when uploading Excel files.

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